It’s simple, really. We deliver our boxes to your house – you fill them with your stuff and then we come pick them up from your new location – piece of cake.

How does Bronko Box save me Time, Money and Sanity?

Good Question. Let’s take a look…

  • Our Delivery and Pick Up service means that you don’t have to waste any of your time driving around, digging through dumpsters or stalking your local grocery store to find boxes.
  • Bronko Boxes come FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to go – gone are the days of building, taping, breaking down and bundling those old school cardboard boxes. Just stack them back up when you’re done and we’ll come get ’em.
  • One-week rental of Bronko Boxes costs over 50% LESS than the price of buying standard cardboard boxes.
  • You don’t need a BILLION boxes. Bronko Boxes hold a LOT more than a plain ol’ cardboard box and are heavy duty enough to ensure your good stuff is protected.
  • Your movers will LOVE you. Bronko Boxes have handles and are built to stack nicely one on top of the other, meaning that your movers can work more efficiently AND you will have more room available in the back of the moving truck – beat that.

Is Bronko Box a Moving Company?

No.  However we recently partnered with Austins’ rockstar movers Jackson of All Trades .  Together we are ready to save you time, money and sanity. We’re building on our trusted background of delivering durable plastic moving boxes to help make moving even easier. Whether you use our boxes or bring your own, your Austin moving experience will be fast, cheap and as worry-free as can be.

How does Delivery and Pick Up work?

  • Bronko Box offers a FREE Delivery and Pick Up service for orders over $65 that are within our designated service area. [20 mile radius of 78745] If you aren’t within our FREE delivery area or your order is under $65, don’t you worry – we can still help you, but we may need you to chip in on gas. [$30 Delivery Fee for orders Under $65 Within Service Area – $40 Delivery Fee for orders Outside of Service Area]
  • Upon placing your order, you choose the times and dates that work best for you. We will send you a confirmation email with details and confirmation on delivery and pick up times. Don’t worry – we aren’t your cable company and we don’t plan on keeping you waiting around on us all day!
  • We do contactless delivery and pick up and you DO NOT NEED to be physically present for either. We do however need to be able to reach you by phone on the morning of your delivery/pick up so please make sure to provide a cell number that we can text you at to minimize any delay.

What about Payment?

Full payment will be due at the time your Bronko Box order is placed online. Extensions are automatically billed to the card on file. Keep in mind that we extend by the full week and we don’t prorate by the day. We also don’t credit for unused time but can happily pick them up for you early to get them out of your way. We accept all major credit cards.

How big are the boxes?

The Large Bronko Box is 27″ L x 17 3/4″ W x 12 1/2″ H – 3 Cubic Feet.
The Extra Large Bronko Box is 28″ L x 20 5/8″ W x 15 5/8″ H – 4.5 Cubic Feet.

Why do I feel like I NEED a Theme Song?

Well, you are kind of saving the world. The fact of the matter is, Bronko Boxes are REUSABLE, which means you are keeping our landfills from being overwhelmed by cardboard boxes. Go ahead, make up your superhero name and get a cape – you deserve it!

Alright, there you have it – if you have any other questions, give us a call or drop us a line at info@bronkobox.com.

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