We are doing our very best to keep you and our employees safe during these uncertain times. We have always individually cleaned/sanitized each box as they come back but have now added the additional step of spraying each box with hydrogen peroxide. Because of this step you may notice some spots or streaks on your boxes but this just means they are extra clean.

Normally we deliver your boxes inside your home but for the sake of social distancing and safety we will now be dropping them off outside your front door, to your back patio, carport, garage, etc. We ask that you communicate with our driver to figure out the best place to leave them for you. Our driver has been instructed to not shake hands and keep distance.

When we pick up the boxes we ask that you spray or wipe down the handles of the boxes as best you can….if possible. Please communicate with our driver if you will be leaving them outside of the front door, backyard, carport, etc.

We’re all in this together. You have our word that we are doing everything we can do to keep you safe and just ask that you do all you can do to keep our team safe!

Now go wash your hands!  J