Start Early.

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Ortwein via Flickr.

Brandon Ortwein via Flickr.

It’s Summertime in Texas – do what you can to beat the heat!


Send somebody out for Breakfast Tacos.


Torchy’s Tacos.

Besides providing energy, legend has it that breakfast tacos also provide super human strength and awesomeness. [and who are we kidding: food is a great motivator]


Instead of using cardboard, rent plastic boxes!

Bronko Box.

Local ATX Company, Bronko Box, delivers plastic moving boxes right to your doorstep and picks them up when you’re finished for half the price of buying cardboard.


Purge. [and donate!]



Both will make you feel amazing. Trust us.


Use Styrofoam plates in between your dishes to keep them from breaking.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.


Impress everybody by getting through a move without any shattered plates.


Take a picture of your electronics BEFORE you unplug them.

Photo Courtesy of Popular Mechanics.

Popular Mechanics.

That way you at least stand a chance of being able to turn them back on once you get settled at  your new place.


Change you address.

New Digs.

Jack + Ella Paper Press on Etsy

It’s easy at the USPS website – just fill out the online form. Check out this great list of who you should notify when you change your address.


Hire movers you can trust with your good stuff – or book with Bellhops for a little help!

Photo Courtesy of Bellhops.


Bellhops lets you book college students on demand to help with your move. Pretty awesome.


Set realistic goals and make a plan.

Photo Courtesy of Brian Lopiccolo via Flickr.

Brian Lopiccolo via Flickr.

Shoot to be done by 3PM for a dip in Barton Springs.


Reward yourself! Did somebody say margarita?

Photo Courtesy of Guero's Tacos.

Guero’s Tacos.

Go ahead, you deserve it!

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