No matter what the circumstances, moving can be a very chaotic and stressful time. We were so pleased to see Bronko Box mentioned by the Huffington Post in their feature, ’10 Tips for Single Moms Moving Out of the Family Home’. Here at Bronko Box we are working hard to provide people in all walks of life a more effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to moving with cardboard.

Via Huffington Post:

10 Tips For Single Moms Moving Out of the Family Home

If you are going through the process of separation or divorce and you are the one who has chosen to leave the family home, stressed out doesn’t do justice to the feelings you may be having. And although it might be the most financially sound decision, it doesn’t make it any less physically or emotionally traumatic. Aside from the obvious stresses of having to leave your current home, there is the added concerns like figuring out where to move that is copasetic for your kids and former spouse, finding a new home that you can afford to live in, packing all the boxes, and then finally moving the boxes from your old home to your new one. It is overwhelming, especially if you’re a single mom trying to juggle work and kids in addition to packing. Here are 10 tips to help alleviate a little bit of your stress:

1. Get organized
Being as organized as possible helps, suggests Resourceful Consultant and author of “Secrets of an Organized Mom,” Barbara Reich. Oftentimes however, the thought of being organized can be as stressful as the move itself. One way to approach organization is by creating a schedule for one room of your house at a time. Packing one area in a methodical and orderly manner will help.

2. Label everything
Labeling all of your boxes with contents and room assignments may not make your packing easier, but it will certainly help you unpack. Once you are in your new home, you will need to get all of your belongings in their rightful places, plus you will need the essentials (toothbrushes, pajamas, and bed sheets) that first night. Labels like the ones Name Bubbles makes are a great way to keep your sanity once all those boxes arrive at your new home.

3. Pick the right boxes
When packing, you don’t want to get stuck with flimsy boxes even if they don’t cost you a penny because you’ve snagged them from the grocery dumpter. Cardboard boxes can be damaged easily, meaning your valuables might not survive the move. Companies like Bronko Box in Central Texas provide a cost effective, eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. They rent plastic boxes that are waterproof, stack together neatly, and don’t require tape. Renting from Bronko Box cuts your box expenses in half, and they even drop off and pick up, saving you valuable packing time.

4. Know your rights
Atlas Van Lines, one of the nation’s leading movers, suggests becoming familiar with your consumer rights. Visit ProtectYourMove.gov to read up on the laws that protect you from unreliable movers. Reading up on your rights can prevent you from being a victim of moving fraud and safeguard your valuables. Knowing your rights can give you peace of mind when dealing with movers.

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