Leave it to the folks at Study Breaks to give us the rundown of college moving and to share this candid and hilarious account of doing it with Bronko Box.



Via Study Breaks:

By: Samantha Sumpter

There are a lot of things I really hate–including baby pink, waiting in line, when I order a vegan empanada and find out after I’ve taken a bite that they gave me beef, hot sand, Crocs, and Hoobastank’s “The Reason,” to name a few–but there’s one thing in particular that stands out from those horrors, and one that any college student can relate to: MOVING.

Not only is moving the very definition of hell, but  it’s also a horrific process that students are forced to endure almost every year.

And besides the pain-in-the-ass process of finding an actual place to live and roommates who don’t suck (and don’t think you suck), there’s the very inner circle of moving hell: packing. Like, really, short of actually buying boxes, your only option for the last however many years has been crossing your fingers and hoping that you know 12 people who’ve recently purchased refrigerators. (Because for some reason, you still have 175 Beanie Babies that need to be relocated.) BUT NOW PACKING HAS JUST MET ITS MAKER…and thy name is Bronko Box.

I moved a month ago and–due to measures beyond my control…like crippling laziness, primarily–I had zero boxes and zero game plan…until I realized I had to get out in, ya know, like three days. (Oops?) LUCKILY, it was then that I discovered the badasses over at Bronko Box, the dreamiest box rental company ever.

and it just gets better…

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