New Company Introduces Box Rental That Cuts Moving Costs by 50%

Austin, March 15 – Bronko Box is an innovative new company created to add ease to the moving process through rental and delivery of durable and reusable plastic containers.

Business owners, Bo and Brooke Cox, saw a need for a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternative to the standard cardboard moving box, which inspired the creation of the company.

Bronko Boxes are strong and stackable containers that are delivered, fully assembled, to the customer’s doorstep. With self-locking lids, there is no need for pesky packing tape, and because they are constructed of durable plastic, there is no chance of breakage. Bronko Boxes come with moving wheels as well for quick and easy loading, while taking up less room in a moving truck.

Rental of a Bronko Box costs less than purchasing the average cardboard box—select from popular packages based on your number of bedrooms or build a custom order from individual products—saving consumers valuable time, money and sanity.

‘With so many of Americans moving annually and a majority of those staying within the same city, there is a demand for a more economical and practical moving solution,’ said Owner and ‘Chief Box Officer’, Bo Cox.

Bronko Box provides a free delivery and pick-up service stretching from San Marcos to Central Austin.


Bronko Box was founded in March 2013. It is a company committed to revolutionizing the way Texans pack and move. Their web address is:

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Big changes are coming!

We're excited to announce that Bronko Box is joining Austin mega-movers, JACKson Of All Trades!

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