Have you considered joining the moving revolution? Our friends over at Mad Betty give you their take on moving with Bronko Box in a candid, upfront and first hand review of our products and services.

Via Mad Betty: 

madbetty Moving. The very word sends shudders down the spines of slobs and obsessive compulsives everywhere. The mere thought of organizing, packing, taping, labeling, carrying, loading, unloading, cutting, unpacking, and organizing is enough to make anyone’s head feel like it’s full of angry honey badgers.

My husband and I recently decided to move apartments, and it was a task filled to the brim with procrastination, and most days, I opted to dig through Pinterest for tips on moving instead of actually doing the work of moving.

During my quest, I procrastinated even more by spending time on Facebook asking if anyone had packing supplies or tips or hell, if anyone would just come do this for me. That’s when I heard about Bronko Box, these plastic totes that could be delivered right to my door in bulk, they are essentially rented for a week or two (however long it takes you to pack/move), then they pick them up when you’re done. Sign me up!


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