Introducing: The Mighty Bronko Box

Change is HARD, but it’s TIME: say GOODBYE to CARDBOARD and HELLO to BRONKO BOX – the moving SOLUTION.

Let’s go over the basics: you’re moving soon – traditionally you’d probably go on the hunt for cardboard boxes, or worse yet: spend your hard earned money buying cardboard boxes that are just going to get trashed after your move. Sadly, the work has just begun: now you have to build your boxes, pack them up, tape them up and cross your fingers that your good stuff doesn’t get broken or damaged during the move. Once you get to your new place and get unpacked, you have to break down all of those boxes, cry over your broken crystal cat menagerie and your favorite coffee mug, bundle the boxes and haul them to the dumpster or stash them in your garage until trash pick up day.

Now instead, let’s pretend GENIUS strikes: you decide to move with Bronko Box [hey, good call!] – you hop online and pick a popular package to meet your needs, choose your delivery and pick up dates and place your order – just a few clicks, now you’re in business. You stay put – Bronko Box will drop our plastic moving containers off at your doorstep [yes, REALLY!] – now go ahead and fill them up with your good stuff [and don’t you worry: they’re strong enough to keep that cat menagerie in one piece] shut the lid, stack ’em up and get to moving to your great new place. Once you’re settled, there’s no breaking down those old school cardboard boxes – simply stack your Bronko Boxes up and we’ll swing by and get them out of your hair – simple as that!¬†Oh, did we mention that using Bronko Box costs up to 50% LESS than buying cardboard boxes and that because Bronko Boxes are REUSABLE, they’re MUCH easier on the planet? BONUS.

The next time you move, keep it simple: make the CHANGE, kiss cardboard GOODBYE and join the moving REVOLUTION – you’ll be happy you did!

Bronko Box: Better Boxes.

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