5 Common Mistakes Made When Moving

You should be excited about moving. This next chapter of your life should be a happy occasion. No one should stress about the little details involved in the moving process—that’s a total buzzkill. Read these mistakes made when moving so you know what not to do on moving day.

Poor Time Management

The most common mistake people make when they move is not planning. They always end up frantically packing the night before. Don’t make this mistake. If you leave everything for the night before, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed and likely forget something important. To avoid this mess, pack things up incrementally before you move—consider packing up one room at a time.


Moving is such a wasteful process. We throw out so many cardboard boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, and tape once the move is complete. Thankfully, there’s a much more sustainable option that will reduce waste and is better for the environment. Here at Bronko Box, we deliver plastic moving boxes to your front door. Our plastic boxes are much larger than typical cardboard boxes, making them a more sustainable option.


Moving requires organization. There’s nothing worse than shuffling through moving boxes searching for a specific item. As such, make sure you label everything correctly, so you don’t end up looking for something for days on end. Make a spreadsheet of everything you pack so you can cross it off the list the minute you unpack it. Also, don’t just throw things into boxes. Instead, properly wrap every item to avoid damage and improve the overall organization.

Limited Food and Drink

Moving day is very long. Most people underestimate just how long the process can take. So, make sure you and your helpers stay hydrated and well-fed the entire day. If people are hungry and dehydrated, they won’t have the motivation to get things done. It’s hard to remain physically active without food and water. Prepare yourself and buy a substantial amount of supplies, so you don’t burn out early.

Lack of Patience

It’s extremely common for people to become frustrated while they’re moving. You must pack your patience going into the day and prepare for something to go wrong. It’s okay to pause and take a breath when you need to. There’s no one right way to move—no one has ever had the perfect moving day experience. Be kind to yourself and let professionals help when they can.

Our expert team at Bronko Box wants to make moving goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking to rent moving boxes in the Austin metro area, let us help you. You’ll be grateful for the extra assistance, and we even pick up the containers when you’re finished. Plus, it’s a smart choice for the environment as well.

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