The Austinot prides itself on keeping it hyperlocal and exists ‘to support and promote the homegrown stuff’ that keeps Austin, Austin. We share a mutual love of the city [and good local coverage!], and are so proud to have Bronko Box featured on their blog!


How many people move to the Austin area every day? It depends on who you ask, but most say its just over a hundred.

More importantly to your every day Austinite, however, how many people are moving within Austin on any given day? That number is not as easy to pinpoint, but it’s a pain that anyone with a truck and a few friends knows all too well. With apartment occupancy rates in Austin hovering around the 99% mark, and rental prices continuing to go up, we obviously like to move around.

While moving is a pain no matter how you look at it, local company Bronko Box is doing their part to make the process easier and more eco-friendly. Forget the standard cardboard boxes you have to round up and assemble before your move. They can be expensive to buy and typically only serve one use, becoming clutter to throw out after your move.

Instead, Bronko Box delivers durable plastic boxes that come assembled and ready. The boxes have easy-grip handles and can easily be stacked 4-5 high to be effortlessly moved with the included wheel attachment. Once you’re unpacked and settled in, Bronko Box arranges a time to come by and pick up your boxes. It’s that easy.

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