‘Some of the coolest new businesses, founded in Austin’ – hey, we’ll take it. Big thanks to The American Genius for including Bronko Box!


9 Austin Startups Every Entrepreneur Should Know About


As The American Genius is based in Austin, Texas, we make a habit of keeping track of inspiring startup businesses, as well as startups that are useful for other entrepreneurs. Here’s a summary of some of the coolest new businesses founded in Austin. In a city of startups, it’s to be expected that many new businesses are out to help other small businesses improve their marketing, social media engagement, and promotional materials. There are brands that will inspire you to think outside of the box, so let’s take a look at some companies that are keeping Austin weird:

Think outside of the box.

slide3Moving? The reusable, rentable Bronko Box is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to the old cardboard-and-tape arrangement.

Get anything delivered stat.


Favor is a smartphone app you can use to get anything delivered, from coffee to office supplies, even if the original company or service doesn’t provide delivery. It’s a personal assistant for the modern age.

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