Well, if anybody knows Austin, it’s the folks at 365 Things Austin – so don’t just take our word for it: check out the feature, and the next time you make a move, join the moving revolution – packing never looked so good.

betterbox-2Via 365 Things Austin:

Changing my address throughout greater Austin roughly once a year for the last decade has had some benefits. I’ve learned a lot about various neighborhoods’ breakfast taco offerings (Manor Road might still top my list in this category), and I’ve progressively moved closer to downtown (more breakfast tacos within walking distance).

But there’s one very obvious realization that relocating throughout the city has taught me… MOVING IS THE WORST.

Local startup Bronko Box is making this painful process a bit easier.

The company offers fully assembled, plastic, REUSABLE packing boxes delivered straight to your door, and then picks them up when you’re done. On top of the obvious environmental benefits, the boxes are durable, meaning they can hold a lot more than their cardboard counterparts, and the boxes have handles, making them much easier for you (or your movers) to carry.

Gone are the days of shady grocery store dumpster heists; say goodbye to the desperate Facebook posts begging for boxes. Bronko Box makes what was once a major pain point in the moving process much easier.

Read the FULL article HERE.

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